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1 x Yoga Acupressure Mat
The Acupressure Massage mat works on the simple principle of acupressure - When you lie down its massage points apply a steady pressure to your neck, shoulders & back, making for a deep acupressure experience.
The Mat and Pillow relieve stress, aches, pains and muscle tension, neck pain relief and increase blood circulation. This helps to reduce muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders.Other benefits include the improvement of blood circulation and the stimulation of metabolism.
Assists with relaxation and quality of sleep. Great for massaging most parts of your body including your back, waist, legs, feet, neck, face and arms.
Please ensure that you are careful whilst using this product as the acupressure points are sharp and will cause discomfort. You must take care in using this product. 
If you are pregnant or are unsure whether you are able to use this product please seek medical advice prior to using this product.

Contents: 1 x Mesh Bag with drawstring (all bags are black with a mesh area to see the colour of your mat); 1 x Acupressure Massage Mat; 1 x Acupressure Pillow

Measurements: Approximate packaging size (rolled up mat in packaging): 40cms x 25cms;
Acupuncture Mat: 660mm*420mm*20mm/25.98*16.54*0.79";
Acupuncture Pillow: 400mm*150mm*100mm/15.75*5.91*3.94"
Material: Cotton, ABS Plastic, Eco Foam

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