Mens Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 Running Shoes Black Runner Sneakers Cushioned 7.5 Uk

SKU: BNS134-1

Size: 8.5 US
Colour: Black
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With supreme durability combined with an extremely high level of cushioning, the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 8 Running Shoes will allow you to push yourself further without the worry of fatigue setting in early. AIRmesh Upper Surrounded in AIRmesh, the Wave Prophecy 8 Running Shoes will ensure that your feet will feel cool and ventilated. The AIRmesh will allow air to constantly enter and exit the shoes, which will maintain comfort within the shoe. This will also allow sweat to escape through the upper, before it is then wicked away, which again will maintain comfort. The fit of the upper is enhanced, due to the anatomically specific placed overlays. This will mean that the shoe will identify your foot shape and adjust to provide a close fit, which will improve comfort. In addition to this, the shoe uses Dynamotion Fit, a technology that will make the shoes work with your feet throughout the gait cycle. As your foot moves, the Dynamotion Fit will mimic the movements, and the material is also able to stretch, which will give you a free feeling. The material thickens over the forefoot, which will protect the toes from any impacts. Surrounding the heel, there is firm plastic which will absorb shocks, preventing them from causing damage. In addition, the heel is held in a firm and upright position, which will keep the feet healthy over long runs. The laces will always find a secure and comfortable fit, whilst the tongue is soft and padded to ensure a comfortable feel on the foot. A high-grade premium insock will further increase cushioning and comfort. Mizuno Wave Midsole The Mizuno Wave midsole will guarantee both cushioning and stability, keeping you in comfortable control when out running. The Wave's unique shape will absorb all energy from the strike of the foot on the pavements, where it is then dispersed. This will protect the feet from heavy impacts, as well as adding stability by spreading the energy. The midsole also has U4ic, a unique compound developed by Mizuno which will provide you with high comfort and performance. This will mean that you will have a soft and cushioned landing on every step that you take. The compound is also extremely lightweight, which will help to keep the overall weight of the shoe down. Within the midsole, the Wave Prophecy 8 has the Mizuno Intercool system. This will solve the problem of heat and humidity build-up by incorporating a full-length ventilation system in the sole of the shoe, that will remove heat and humidity through the channels. For assistance and protection to the feet during acceleration and deceleration, the shoe uses SmoothRide. This will mean that all transitions will feel extremely smooth, helping you to restore energy and prevent injuries from occurring. The wave plate is constructed using Pebax Rnew. This provides extremely lightweight support and energy return X-10 Outsole Strong grip and traction is guaranteed, as the Wave Prophecy 8 uses X-10. This outsole developed by Mizuno will provide you with an extremely durable grip to keep you in control. Allowing of longer wear in higher impact areas, this will provide you with outstanding grip over a long course of time. The heel strike will additionally have a solid grip with a wide range of surfaces. Multi-directional grooves and lugs will dig into the ground, which will anchor your foot into the ground.


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