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1 x $50 RRP Mystery Bag
Have some fun with our mystery bag where you will receive a random selection of items to the value of $50 or more!
Each set will be selected at random and may include multiples, depending on availability.
This lucky dip selection will contain a variety of assorted items for you and your family.The selection MAY include some of the following items:
Socks, Sockettes, Gloves, Hangers, Hot/cold pack, Bandana, Hand sanitiser, Manicure set, Nail files, Water crystals, Yarn gloves, Jewellery gloves, Wash bag, Bath bag, Headband, Happy birthday cake topper, Straws, Hessian cutlery holders, gel cushions for your feet, hand bag, handkerchief, bow tie, pocket square, birthday sash, blackhead remover, and more!
You will receive up to 30 of the above items. Some items may not have their packaging included so that we can send an assortment of items and not only one type.
The good thing about our mystery bag is that we will try our best to send as many gender neutral items as possible, so that they suit everyone. There will definately be items more suited to one gender over another however.
If you buy multiple lucky dip bags we will aim to diversify each bag as no mystery bag will be exactly the same as the next.
This mystery bag is a great idea as a gift, christmas present, birthday present or for resellers. It has an insane amount of value so we do not offer returns. 
Good luck!

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