100 X Snapper Rigs Flasher Rig Bottom Reef Fishing Hook Lure Paternoster

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SKU: EGB1471-3

Size: 7/0
Colour: Red/Fluro Green/Silver
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For these Flasher Rigs, apply some bait to both of the hooks. The floating movement of the bait, combined with the Lumo infused Flasher attracts the fish, working together and presenting as a wounded fish which enhances your chance of catching a fish.

-2 hooks per rig
-super strong and sharp hooks
-circle hooks
-comes with a heavy duty black barrel swivel at the top for easier rigging to the main fishing line
-cool red/fluro green colours
-perfect for catching many different types of fish
-ideal for fishing off rocks, from a boat, wharf or beach
-great for deepwater and surffishing
-includes 2 circle hooks + 60lb line per flasher rig + green lumo beads + flashers

Great for catching many fish including Snapper, Bass, Bream, Trevally, Flounder, Trout, Salmon, Bonito, Small Tuna, Mackeral, Squid, Small Tuna and any saltwater species.

Hook Measurements:

4/0: Approximately 4 cms Height x 2.2 cms Width.

5/0: Approximately 4.2 cms Height x 2.4 cms Width.

7/0: Approximately 4.7 cms Height x 3 cms Width.

8/0: Approximately 5.5 cms Height x 3.2 cms Width.

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